Resources for FI-RE

Retirement resources and career resources.

Black Book of the Master MindUse the sign-up form (here at MMU) and grab a PDF on ChatGPT Prompts and a PDF on the remaining ways to become a billionaire. – Artificial Intelligence

Binance US – Buy Bitcoin Here You and I both get a small amount of crypto when you join. $50 minimum. – Tools Swing by Rich Dad and use their assessments and spreadsheets. – Free Software Retirement planning software.

Financial Calculators – EZ Calculators for Android and iOS Use this app for many financial calculations, ratios, interest, and etc.

CNBC Stock Screen Tool Search the market or sector for bargains, high dividends, or the highest free cashflows, etc.

Debt Snowball Calculator Calculate how long it will take you to get debt free.

Personality Test (16 Personalities) Knowing your personality type is helpful to choose careers, mates, and plan your life.

Machiavellian Personality Test How Machiavellian are you?

Test your I.Q. Employers and any given councilors may find it helpful to know your IQ.

Habits Assessment (PDF) Determine what habits you need to adopt and which habits you need to quit. By Darren Hardy.

Major Goal / Self-Contract Sheet (PDF) Instant messaging without Big Brother. For PC and smartphone.

Escape – Afford Anything (.pdf) You can afford anything, but not everything. eBook by Paula Pant.

Fiverr Need a PDF of high paying affiliate programs? Or Kindle formatting for your new book? Try Fiverr.

Apply for a Discover Card for lower APR and 1% + rewards. We both get $50 after your first purchase.

For 30+ alternatives to college and free and low cost colleges, read the Kindle eBook Free and Low Cost Education.

How to Become Financially Independent and Retire Early – Podcast – Life Hacker and Vicki Robin

See how autistic you are Check and see if you have autistic traits with this short survey.

Links You can find a lot of other resources by checking our Links page.

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