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Corporate Law in a Nutshell is what it sounds like. Many aspects of corporate law from company inception to closure. Corporate structures including LLCs are explained. Several landmark cases are included. There is a handy glossary in the back. You can make dealing with lawyers easier by reading this book. (Available on Kindle and paperback.)

Atlas Shrugged is the best-selling novel of all time. Rand witnessed the Communist Revolution in Russia. Rand escaped to the U.S. and was startled by the U.S. public’s acceptance of socialism. An almost flawlessly executed work of fiction with relatable characters. (Available on audio, Kindle and paperback.)

The Zurich Axioms helps gamblers and traders manage risk with well described and relatable stories. This book is written by anonymous finance pros. (Available on Kindle and paperback.)

How to Get Rich, by Felix Dennis covers what is required from the entrepreneur to make millions (like grit, stamina, etc.). There are many examples of what works and what doesn’t work in entrepreneurship included in this book. (Available on Audible, paperback and Kindle)

The Bitcoin Standard explains the origins and rise of Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain. This audiobook is lucid enough for the layman to grasp the subject. (Available on audio, Kindle and paperback.)

Retire Young, Retire Rich starts with a broke Robert and Kim Kiyosaki on Whistler Mountain with a friend. The couple end up in Fiji. Many of the conversations with Rich Dad are priceless. A young entrepreneur should find value in this volume of lessons from Kiyosaki’s journey. There is a good chapter on stock options. This audiobook tends to focus on leverage. (Available on audio, Kindle and paperback.)

Zero to One, by Peter Thiel is fairly contrarian. PayPal founder, Stanford Law grad and Palantir CEO originally spoke these words as a lecture series for a computer science class. Thiel covers the need for you, the entrepreneur, to differentiate and the need for a virtual monopoly. Thiel is contrarian and smart. It is fairly difficult to argue against Thiel’s main points. (Available on audio, Kindle and paperback.)

Corporate Finance was the text for my corporate finance class in business school. The main points of corporate finance are explained well. This book can be understood by laymen. I referred to this text frequently in business school. Corporate finance is personal finance for businesses. The calculations, from simple ratios to IRR (internal rates of return) are included. (Available in hardback).

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