Articles of interest to the FI-RE crowd, ecommerce historians, futurists, and B school people.

There is no official affiliation between the authors and sites listed below and MMU, except for the articles by David K Drews.

DeFi Will Expand Beyond The Current Financial System (DeFi Education) 2022

9 Investing Lessons From Cycling the World (Raph Antoine) 2022

The Super-Power Known as Common Sense (David K Drews) 2016

What is Geo-arbitrage & 7 Interesting Tips to Get Started (Kyle Kolowalski) 2020

Banks Warned that Crypto Could Replace Dollar in 5 Years (Victor Tangermann) 2021

The True Cost of Luxury (Maynard Solve) 2021

What It’s Like Mining Bitcoin as a Full Time Job (MacKenzie Sigalos) 2021

4 Ways You Can Achieve Critical Mass (Jack Humphry) 2001

5 Ways to Make Money Fast and Easy (Martin Thomas) 2008

Ultimate Guide to Geo-Arbitrage (InspireToFire) 2020

18 Jobs that Don’t Require a Degree (David K Drews) 2021

How to Save $1000 per Month (David K Drews) 2020

An Introspective History of the FI-RE Movement (David K Drews) 2020

Emerging Technology & Trends (Mike Medici, et al) 2019

How to Stay Relevant in the Age of Robots (Robert Kiyosaki) 2020

The Dumbest Argument Against Cryptocurrency in 2021 (Simon Black) 2021

5 Essential Network Effects to Invest In (App Economy Insights) 2020

A good article about network effects and economic moats.

20 Personal Finance Ideas to Kickstart Your FI-RE Journey (Kate Campbell) 2021

How to Think Big (David K Drews) 2009

The Advantage of Decentralized Decision Making (Keith Hughley) 2009

How using an unconventional decentralized military strategies won a military training exercise.

DeFi on Ethereum: The Future of Finance? (Sid Val) 2020

Using Neuroscience to Improve Your Fundraising (Campaigns & Elections) 2013

Lessons Learned After 7 Years of Reading the Wall Street Playboys (LifeMathMoney) 2021

Ryan Broyles: A Frugal Pro Athlete Story We can all Learn From (G.E. Miller) 2016

Detroit Lions Safety Doubles Money by Investing 70% of His Salary (Emmett Knowlton) 2016

Decentralization: The Story of Successful Companies Is About to Change (T. Tayenaka) 2020

The Sovereign Individual (Helio Beltrao) 2010

How to become a sovereign individual.

Meta Learning Tips (Øyvind Hellenes) 2013

The Ten Crypto Commandments (DeFi Education) 2022

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