Quick side-hustles and fast cash ideas.  To get some cash, quickly, for seed money for a small business, or to settle debts, or hopefully not your for rent, see if you can do any of these things right away.  Maybe you can think of a bigger venture while you work on some of these.  (See our wealth building ideas page.)

See if you can make and/or save $100 a day, using these ideas or your own ideas.

You assume all risk for attempting these ideas.  Some of these ideas have a learning curve.  Some of these ideas are tougher than they sound.  Because terms and conditions change fast, we make no guarantees about any of these ideas.

Side-hustles frequently crash after a few months.  So stash cash and spend a little time evaluating other opportunities.

Inflation may eat away at your retirement savings and your lifestyle.  This makes side-hustles more important.

You can use sites like Upwork and Fiverr to sell some services.  You might tell your network(s) about the service you offer.

  1. Donate plasma.
  2.  If/when you get class action lawsuit forms in the mail to get your tiny compensation for a stock’s judgement, fill it out and send it in.
  3. eToro is a crypto brokerage that will give you and your friend $50 when you open an account and place a trade.  We both get $50 if you open an account here.  (You can refer a max of 10 people.) 
  4.  Have a spare car or two to rent out? See the Turo app at the app store or Play Store on your phone.
  5. Sign up for the Cash App which is now paying $10 per referral and another $5 for your pal.
  6. Consider bets or dares from people that have the means to pay.
  7. Sell unused gift cards at sites like Cardpool or Raise dot com.
  8. Be a sports referee.
  9. If bonuses or spiffs are offered, follow your script to the letter and don’t waste a second.
  10. Borrow from your life insurance or 401k. Pay yourself back with interest. (Try to use another idea first.)
  11.  Do surveys and activities at SWAGBUCKS.
  12. Buy and sell (flip) on Amazon, Craigslist, Offer Up, Let Go, and eBay.  You could check Goodwill and local garage sales too.
  13. Get paid to research and provide fact checking and abstracts of topics for companies and people online. If you have a liberal arts degree, put it to use.
  14. Get $10 in bitcoin from buying bitcoin here (Coinbase). Then get your friends to buy bitcoin from you, and you and they get $10 in bitcoin. offers bigger referral fees (see Intro to Crypto and Defi, at this site.)
  15. Mow lawns, shovel snow, or blow leaves.
  16. Become an online tutor for English, math or other subjects. (See Craigslist)
  17. Look up people who owe you money and make a good settlement offer.
  18. Become a music reviewer.
  19. Become a bookkeeper.
  20. Sign up for Ebates, a rebate site.
  21. Sell firewood. This is more lucrative than it sounds.
  22. Personalize scripts for Cortana, Alexa and Google Home. 
  23. Sign up for Ibotta, where you get paid to take pictures of your receipts.
  24. Sign up for Dosh, a cash back rewards site.
  25. Ask for a cost of living adjustment (COLA) at work.
  26. If you have a CoinBase account, use their learning tools and earn a little crypto.  Again, sign up above and then sign up your friends.
  27. Buy and deliver groceries using Instacart or Shipt.
  28. Search for and cash in your change.
  29. If you have an opt in list, sell them an excellent product that you have used through an affiliate program.  Learn how to cloak affiliate links.
  30. Create a “how-to” info product.  Ebooks aren’t the only format.  Webinars are currently popular.
  31. Make a product and sell it at a flea market, bake sale, swap meet or craft show.
  32. Endorse a product or business for cash (if you can).
  33. Stack firewood for someone.
  34. Have a mini-van? Be a taxi. Drive for Uber or Lyft.
  35. Detail a car for $50 or $100.
  36. Rent your basement, vacant condo, or spare bedrooms. You could try AirBNB.
  37. Rent a laptop computer or other item. (Check out Fat Llama dot com)
  38. Work on your own projects on your lunch breaks if you can.
  39. Are you beautiful, fit, or possess any physical traits the masses, an author, an academic or other artist could use pictures or videos of? Become a model. 
  40. Flip domain names. (This might take a while.)
  41. Interview experts and transcribe the interviews. Then publish the interviews as a book. Mike Littman and Ted Ciuba did this in their books.
  42. Buy something in bulk. Then turn around and sell smaller lots at a higher price.
  43. Be a real estate bird dog.
  44. Carry or deliver (lost) luggage.
  45. Mint and sell NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on
  46. Raise organic chickens and sell the eggs. (The eggs will be from your yard, not a processing plant.)
  47. You could “buy the lows” of any given cryptocurrency and sell if/when they pop (or continue to HODL.)
  48. You could start a no money down real estate empire from nothing.  I don’t recommend this one.
  49. You could “beg” on Redditt and wherever else begging is allowed.
  50. You might enjoy The Future of Personal Finance, available at GumRoad.
  51. Don’t toss scrap metal, instead sell it.
  52. Run a fun activity or instruction for kids.
  53. Rewrite and repackage what you learn in school. You can also tutor, create test prep guides, and lecture notes based on what you learn in school.
  54. Start a membership site or start a club that charges dues.
  55. Allow people to play air soft or paintball on your land for a fee.
  56. Blog about innovation. Punt ideas you cannot execute yourself, right away. If your content is good, you can sell advertising, and build an opt-in list that you can sell to.
  57. Make and sell niche books, eBooks, audios, and videos.
  58. Buy and resell out of print (OOP) books and DVDs.
  59. Buy abnormally low priced cars, motorcycles and boats, etc. and resell at a higher price. (Go to local police auctions, etc.)
  60. Buy bottled water, candy, NoDoz, or other items and resell where there is a greater demand.
  61. Get friends to sign up at your brokerage, bank, law office, or your employer, etc., and get the commission.
  62. Start a resume and cover letter service.
  63. Sell or license the rights to your IP (eBooks, songs, etc.)
  64. Get your books, audios, or videos translated and sell them in other countries.
  65. Rewrite and republish books that are in the public domain.
  66. Sell solutions to common problems. If your solution is better than your competitors, in any way, you could get rich.
  67. Rather than participate in a craze, determine what to sell to enthusiasts of the craze.  Don’t dig for gold, sell canvass pants and shovels. 
  68. Find deals on say, Fiverr, and sell them to a third party. Look for deals like that. Really look and think. What could you sell for $5 on Fiverr? Distribute flyers in your town? Make a video? Be a Facebook girlfriend for a day?
  69. Apply what you learn in class, right away (i.e. make a little software program for a person in town, right after you learn how).
  70. Use a MasterMind group to help find more ideas and teach you skills to do some of these things.
  71. Be an assistant or a virtual assistant. You should earn a little, but, you’ll learn a lot.
  72. Get a good broker and wager what you can afford to lose on an option or small cap.
  73. Look around online for writing jobs.
  74. Sell old social media accounts.
  75. Use this site’s Money Saving Ideas page, with 100 painless money saving ideas.
  76. Donate your hair for cash.
  77. If you are really funny, try an open mic night at the comedy club.
  78. Get good at making sales letters. This can pay extremely well.
  79. Look for things that could be recycled or repurposed, besides metal, bottles, cans, and tires where you live.
  80. If you grow flowers and plants, sell seeds.
  81. Start a small pawn shop.
  82. Repair broken cell phone screens.
  83. Do you have a good truck? Become a lumper (mover).
  84. A delivery service might be an idea (for florists, clinics, etc.)
  85. Can you transcribe TV, or other speech? Become a transcriptionist.
  86. Housesit or babysit and do online surveys or other work while the kids sleep.
  87. Turn your best blog posts into a Kindle eBook, Clickbank eBook, or paperback.
  88. Start a Patreon account if you’re a content creator, writer, influencer, etc.
  89. If Patreon won’t work, see Subscribestar for a similar service.
  90. Sell your items on FB marketplace.
  91. If you are reasonably good at making videos, help people make good promo youtube videos. Build a good portfolio. You can get paid to edit videos too.
  92. Film a video, or otherwise publish some epic stunt. Get on TV and the Internet. Maybe you could post a video blog, article or press release that makes waves, stirs the imagination, inspires, fascinates, or is unusually compelling. Remember: epic! You could get some cash from your stunt.  But no one could think you were doing the stunt for cash.  You could also get reputation points, build good will, get publicity, etc.  Sell your story afterwards. It’s best to keep your stunts simple, positive and inspirational.
  93. Sell billboard advertising on your property, if you can.
  94. If you’re a photographer, sell your pictures at or another photo site.
  95. You could buy an option to a property and then sell the option to a third party.
  96. You can earn a few times the interest by investing in non-US currencies and government bonds. See: GIM.  (Check out our Passive Income page at this site, too.)
  97. Put solar panels on your roof and see if you can sell the excess power back to your local power company.
  98. Become a forum moderator.
  99. Become a meditation guru or a guru of some sort, if you are really good at teaching meditation. If your seminars are affordable and of good quality, you can generate some cash. If you can save your clients thousands on good techniques, you could succeed as a teacher. Consider Udemy dot com.
  100. If you can sing and play the guitar, see if you can play at a bar. If not, play on a street corner. You could also license your music for YouTube, commercials, or try being an indie artist.
  101. Organize poker nights.
  102. You could consider volunteering for medical experiments, if you qualify.
  103. Sell spent ammunition cartridges you find where people shoot.
  104. Rent your parking space(s) if you can.
  105. Offer to rewrite poorly written Internet ads and web copy.
  106. Play music at churches and weddings.
  107. Pick up lost golf balls outside golf courses.
  108. If you usually receive a tax refund, you may want to lower your withholding. Now your checks are bigger.
  109. Work at a special event in your community.
  110. Be a brand ambassador.
  111. Sell freebies and giveaways that you win.
  112. Are you a match maker? Become a pro.
  113. If you’re good with computers, become a computer skills / repair teacher.
  114. Rent out your clothes.
  115. Become an Amazon “Mechanical Turk.”
  116. Check out FOAP – Photos into cash.
  117. Of course, you could hopefully get a second job.
  118. If you insist on selling information products you need to find underserved markets.  If you know your market and know its underserved you have a chance.  If not, see #117 or another idea.
  119. You could get a reverse mortgage if you have equity in a property.
  120. If you have an annuity, you could cash it out.
  121. Look for seasonal jobs and side-businesses you can do, e.g. Christmas lights, gift wrapping, haunted houses, retail cashier, etc.
  122. Sell your old cell phones at Gazelle.
  123. Look into being an extra in a movie.
  124. Publish book summaries.
  125. Get up early and stand in the parking lot of a Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. for laboring jobs.  Look for local laboring jobs that pay cash daily.
  126. Apply to jobs you believe you qualify for with a substantial hiring bonus.
  127.  Be a web site reviewer at Usertesting dot com.
  128. Are you a bodybuilder or extreme athlete? Look into getting a sponsor. (We realize this one isn’t really fast.)
  129. Don’t be a c*ckblocker or a phony friend for free. Demand payment for being a literal or financial c*ckblocker.
  130.  Interested in working from home for legit companies? Look at this article.
  131.  Join an MLM, buy lists of leads and sell all day long. Follow your company script.
  132.  If you have equity in a home, you could get a HELOC.
  133.  Enter into competitions you think you’d have a chance in.
  134.  Do small simple tasks like taking pictures at WeGoLook and GigWalk.
  135.  Sell items, like T shirts, via CafePress, Tee Spring, and ETSY.
  136.  Be a market research participant.
  137.  Clean carpets.
  138.  Offer to organize homes or offices for a fee.
  139.  Related to creating a how-to eBook, do a webinar.
  140.  Throw a party and charge an admission fee.
  141.  Start a dog washing business.
  142.  Publish your best cooking recipes to Kindle.
  143.  Conduct customer interviews by looking up Respondent.
  144.  Find advertisers for your podcast or YouTube or Bitchute channel.
  145.  Rent your friendship service through RentaFriend.
  146.  Design and/or redesign Power Point presentations.
  147.  If you need an entry level job see: 18 Jobs that Don’t Require a Degree.
  148.  Look for arbitrage opportunities everyplace you know and understand.  For a definition of arbitrage, see our Glossary page.
  149.  Get paid to do surveys at Harris Poll Online.
  150.  Get paid to watch short videos and review them at InboxDollars.
  151.  Have a decent sized following? Become an Instagram influencer.
  152.  You might be able to refinance your mortgage.
  153.  Get paid to be a gatekeeper, troll or strawman, online or IRL.
  154. Again, you might consider making specialized niche videos.  Think along the lines of political commercials, Kindle eBook trailers…get deep in the niche you choose.  You can start your own service or your own YT channel. 
  155.  “Card surf” your credit card debt, if you have any, and (in theory) pay no interest until next year. Compare credit card offers.

Be sure to read Fast Cash 2 on Amazon Kindle for $1.