Networking and Group Dynamics

Networking & group dynamics, for any type of group. A list of things to keep in mind when running a tribe, community or group of almost any kind. List in progress.

Personal & General Networking:

  • Why network? To land a job. To recommend a person for a job. To get recommendations on who to hire for a job.
  • If you lack a high IQ, you could utilize a (large) group.
  • Never, ever cuck yourself for access, acceptance, approval or wealth.
  • “Seek to become powerful yourself, not powerful by association.” – Life Math Money
  • You can be anonymous.
  • You can provide value anonymously.
  • You can get paid anonymously.
  • Maybe don’t obey the social cues of a new pal.
  • Get in where you fit in.
  • Inner game/PUA teachings/practice may help one to network.
  • It’s important to remember the quality of your data is important. We must separate fact from opinion. We do not have to reveal sources or co-mingle our business.
  • What networks does it make sense to tap into or join? Ask yourself what the best approach is.
  • Of course, be pleasant with everyone. But don’t hesitate to tell idiot to pound sand.
  • During idle time think of witty one-liners, elevator pitches, pick-up lines and intros. “Hey fellow autists, let’s go bankrupt a casino.”
  • Mirroring, dragging, future pacing and other NLP techniques are frequently overused in conversation by the condescending douche at the bar or the break room.
  • If you’re so tired you’re not doing any good, go to bed. Sleep deprivation is used on POWs and thought criminals.
  • If your presence, status, race, age, politics, etc. anger criminals, they’ll derelict their duties to bait you, and discredit you IRL.
  • Rich people build networks. – Rich Dad.
  • Remember your decorum.
  • Be careful with any advice, online or IRL, anon or credentialled. (Not offered as legal advice.)
  • If you have value that’s hard to plagiarize or pilfer, this helps running or participating in an org a great deal.
  • “No one worth networking with is out networking.” – @smolbitcoin
  • At your seminar, workshop, class or other meetup, try to introduce yourself to every participant. One pol did this in the book Hardball. (Still worth a read.)
  • Don’t allow yourself to be initiated over and over. (That’s just me giving the finger to cucks.)
  • Be wary of people who try to circumvent the rules.
  • Treat important people like they’re busy. They probably are. (Tate)
  • As a member of one org or another, you may well be the eyes and ears of your org wherever you are.
  • Feel free to network in our mastermind chat.
  • Invest a portion of all your income, so you can afford to walk away from toxic networks.

Groups, Tribes and Sociology:

  • It’s tougher to get/keep a community going without backing.
  • Have a plan for when damaging info comes out.
  • It’s sad, but you must qualify members. There should be some commonality. Don’t ignore red flags like a person wanting something for nothing or a person who always focuses on exceptions to the rule. Be careful of people with a will to punish.
  • Most viable communities and tribes are homogenous.
  • Communities can be built around cryptos, businesses, singers, and much more.
  • Who has access to your inner circle?
  • Communicating with code and slang can work as a good disguise.
  • You want to keep master mind groups and most inner circles closed to outside influences.
  • Sometimes masterminds scrape historical items before they’re erased or rewritten.
  • It’s not justifying failure or throwing rocks at your associate/friend’s enemies that we need to do without hesitation. Don’t be a condescending virtue signaling asshole online or IRL and turn around and fail to acknowledge valid concerns and obstacles from members of your group. People turn to various organizations because many of the pros are frauds and/or cucks.
  • Some leaders want their tribes under the thumb of a poor authority outside the existing or promised group. Some leaders won’t hesitate to bust up a sigma’s project, like a lawyer wants to bust up a trust. Sometimes the scandal is perfectly legit. Don’t burn natural allies.
  • The bigger the group/community/tribe the bigger the leader’s inner circle must be.
  • An entrepreneur must have dictatorial control over his firm. But members of a small mastermind group could all have an equal say. Tribes like pro sports fans and musical band tribes can seemingly survive despite near zero discipline.
  • Do some searches on sociology for corporations. Ask in the rumor mill, too.
  • Be wary of people who try to circumvent the rules.
  • High IQ’s are seen as troublemakers and are frequently depressed and/or lonely.

Political Networking:

  • Different political factions are smarter than others.
  • Different market segments are smarter and wealthier than others.
  • Have a plan for when damaging info comes out.
  • Different communities, different segments. Look at Twitter sock puppets, Groypers, Q, tradcons, Libertarians & ancaps and several non-U.S. member segments.
  • Who has access to your inner circle or even a member of it?
  • Be careful of one-issue activists.
  • Be wary of anyone trying to redistribute your accomplishments like commies redistribute money.
  • Learn about mass formation psychosis. It might be easy to deduce who sent the straw man. (It was the people who wanted your network shut down or under the thumb of an idiot.)
  • Look beyond R vs. D. You have globalist vs. nationalist, traditional vs. feminist, growth vs. scarcity, abundance vs. scarcity, state vs. liberty, complacent vs. proactive, nanny state vs. John Galt.
  • Don’t talk politics, cucks dictate, and sheeple obey. Because everything has been politicized by the other side, how do we never speak of politics? We want to serve the overlords, right?
  • Boomers tend to overcorrect and not grasp nuance, while younger people tend to discredit any and all old sources. Who does this seem to work for? (In many ways, old and young have been at this since at least the 1980s. This works for the same people.)
  • Your competitors may try to “emulate and masturbate while claiming to ex-communicate.” That is to shun you but steal your ideas and possibly assets. Isolation is a Leftist tactic, too. (Not legal advice.)
  • People drink various cool-aid because they feel hopeless about their future. Ask cuck why youth drink the communist cool-aid.
  • Be wary of groups or communities that monetize outrage.
  • You do not have to inject cancer into the body politic. (Savage). Look at all the FI-RE guys who are Bernie Bros. Bernie is for wealth confiscation.


  • Whose anon account sounds just like someone you know IRL?
  • Be wary of people who copy and paste everything.
  • Be wary of people who take days between answering important emails or phone calls.
  • Roll back or walk back ideas that bomb. You’d think an objectivist Christian org could get off the ground. But many in both parties say no. Be prepared to drop ideas, at least temporarily, that don’t get initial support.
  • Did you know people are forming what are essentially online nations? See:

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