Ten Commandments of Stock Market Trading
Ten Commandments of The Master Mind

Ten Commandments of Stock Market Trading

1. Never force a trade.

2. Write down or remember why you bought each stock in the first place.

3. Don’t sell one of your stocks right before an earnings announcement without good reason.

4. Diversify. But don’t over diversify. Have technology, a streaming company, miners, or a mining index, new retail outlets or restaurant chains. Have stocks in at least 4-5 different sectors.

5. I’d avoid a dividend only approach with little capital. Watch for dividend traps.

6. Know what you own and do your homework on stocks you buy daily.

7. Speculate with options.

8. Know what the numbers mean: P/E, EPS, free cash flow, P/B, etc.

9. The market is neither efficient nor is it rational.

10. Keep your head. Be ready for anything. There is no reward for panic selling. Don’t get big headed. Don’t be fooled by marketers, political activists, or fake news outlets.

Ten Commandments of the Master Mind

1. Pay yourself first.

2. Work to learn.

3. Never chase.

4. You are never alone.

5. There is no excuse to be bored.

6. Have a plan.

7. Be wary of mind control and propaganda.

8. Turn paranoia on and off.

9. Keep your MasterMind group closed to outside influences.

10. Have bulletproof self-esteem.


From The Black Book of the Master Mind 3rd edition. Click the book cover to your right.