Articles of interest to the FI-RE crowd, ecommerce historians, futurists, and B school people.

There is no official affiliation between the authors and sites listed below and MMU, except for the articles by David K Drews.

The Larger the Audience The Worse the Information 2023

Marketing is the New Software Engineering 2023

13 Things To Avoid If You Want To Become Rich 2023

Avoid The Risky Zones 2023

ChatGPT and its ilk are making it easier for remote workers to secretly hold two or more full-time jobs 2023

How to Leverage a MasterMind to Increase Web Traffic 2023

DeFi Will Expand Beyond The Current Financial System (DeFi Education) 2022

9 Investing Lessons From Cycling the World (Raph Antoine) 2022

What is Geo-arbitrage & 7 Interesting Tips to Get Started (Kyle Kolowalski) 2020

Banks Warned that Crypto Could Replace Dollar in 5 Years (Victor Tangermann) 2021

The True Cost of Luxury (Maynard Solve) 2021

What It’s Like Mining Bitcoin as a Full Time Job (MacKenzie Sigalos) 2021

Ultimate Guide to Geo-Arbitrage (InspireToFire) 2020

How to Stay Relevant in the Age of Robots (Robert Kiyosaki) 2020

The Dumbest Argument Against Cryptocurrency in 2021 (Simon Black) 2021

5 Essential Network Effects to Invest In (App Economy Insights) 2020

A good article about network effects and economic moats.

20 Personal Finance Ideas to Kickstart Your FI-RE Journey (Kate Campbell) 2021

How to Think Big (David K Drews) 2009

The Advantage of Decentralized Decision Making (Keith Hughley) 2009

How using an unconventional decentralized military strategies won a military training exercise.

DeFi on Ethereum: The Future of Finance? (Sid Val) 2020

Using Neuroscience to Improve Your Fundraising (Campaigns & Elections) 2013

Lessons Learned After 7 Years of Reading the Wall Street Playboys (LifeMathMoney) 2021

Ryan Broyles: A Frugal Pro Athlete Story We can all Learn From (G.E. Miller) 2016

Detroit Lions Safety Doubles Money by Investing 70% of His Salary (Emmett Knowlton) 2016

Decentralization: The Story of Successful Companies Is About to Change (T. Tayenaka) 2020

The Sovereign Individual (Helio Beltrao) 2010

How to become a sovereign individual.

Meta Learning Tips (Øyvind Hellenes) 2013

The Ten Crypto Commandments (DeFi Education) 2022

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