This is your place if you are serious about your freedom and your quality of life. Here, you will learn battle tested ideas for becoming the person who goes from rags to riches.

If you are concerned about your future, view the information here, and get to work building foundations under your dreams and loftiest ambitions.

This site will help you avoid some costly trial and error. It should demystify topics and prevent you from being fleeced by well-credentialed crooks. Consider the information here for yourself. Avoid chasing your tail and/or being strung along by wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Knowledge is potential power. Being temporarily broke isn’t an excuse not to learn. Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.
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Getting Started

Take these 61 steps towards financial independence. These 61 steps are a basic framework. You’ll have to make your own blueprint.


Links to various useful resources for your mental arsenal, while avoiding costly trial and error.


List of common words and phrases in personal finance.

Mastermind Chat

Recruit for your MasterMind group. Watch people defend their best stock picks. Discuss modern day Machiavellianism.

Wealth Building Ideas

A list of 147 strategies to accumulate wealth.  This is either a primer or a review.

Quick Cash Ideas

There are plenty of ideas to earn cash fast and legitimately. Over 100 here.

Easy and Effective Money Saving Ideas

We bet you can save up to $1000 per month implementing easy and often overlooked money saving ideas in your budget.

Passive Income

A list of high yield stocks and ETF’s, and some rules of thumb for passive investing.

Crisis Investing

Tips on how to prepare for economic crisis. Includes common sense and sophisticated instruments.


Two lists of commandments for your MasterMind group.


A collection of Motivational, Life, Wealth, and MasterMind quotes from several fields for you and your mastermind group.

Quotes 2020

A new collection of Motivational, Life, Wealth, and MasterMind quotes for 2020 and beyond. (A tad edgier.)


Our Financial Education Videos page. Before you search FI vids on YouTube, check out what our featured speakers have to say.

Motivational Music Videos

A collection of multi-genre music videos to help change your state. Several of these songs are played at Tony Robbins seminars.

Health Is Wealth

Videos on nutrition and optimal health. My mentor insisted I watch these.


A list of free education sites, FI-RE forums, a list of news sites, and government sites of interest to the FI crowd, and where you can contact us.

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